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On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Defamation

In order for defamation to occur, false statements need to be made towards another person that causes emotional distress or financial harm to the individual mentioned. Defamation can come in all forms of media ranging from oral statements to statements published online. One type of defamation that is very common within the U.S. is when statements are made accusing or questioning the professional status of an individual. This type of defamation is highly damaging to a professional’s business, and the harmed individual can easily recover damages without specific proof of damage to their business due to Indiana’s laws of defamation per se.

However, there are other situations were suing for defamation isn’t quite as easy as the scenario listed above. In other cases, suing for defamation can be exceptionally difficult to win because not all negative statements are defined as defamatory. Statements made in the perspective of an individuals opinion does not qualify as defamatory because it is stated as the individuals entitled opinion of your business. Having phrases like “I think” or “I believe” before a negative statement usually does not warrant the term defamation and will require proof of material harm in order to get recovery for the statements made. This scenario of possible defamation falls under defamation per quod and it is very hard to receive damages for these types of statements.

If you think your legal situation falls under defamation per se and you want to protect your reputation from severe harm, our law firm can help you! We will fight the statements made against you and help you get recovery for them. At Riley Williams & Piatt, we are defamation experts that can guide you through the legal process for suing for defamation. Our law firm has a high record of success in cases involving defamation and our firm as accumulated more than $15 million for clients in these types of cases. Contact us today for a free case evaluation by contacting us online or via phone at 317-672-0948.