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Legally, the term “defamation” means a false statement or communication made to others about another person that causes emotional or financial harm. This harm may include damage to an individual or business’s reputation, as well as mental anguish and distress. Some statements, such as accusing one of a crime or impugning a professional status, is presumed damaging and is recoverable without specific proof of damages.

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Defamation occurs when the defamatory statements are made orally or in print, such as in a newspaper or magazine. Internet defamation occurs when a person publishes such statements online.

Be advised that the Indiana Constitution protects your reputation against defamation.

Defamation cases can be challenging to prove and involve overcoming legal defenses, which make it necessary to have an experienced advocate on your side. Our seasoned attorneys at Williams Law Group, LLC, have successfully litigated numerous cases involving injury to reputation and can assist you with your claim. In fact, they tried a case that resulted in a $14.5 million defamation verdict for our client. This is the largest defamation verdict in Indiana history.

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