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Forced Arbitration: losing our rights

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Blog

Corporate America has a new shield: forced arbitration. Most every time you buy a cell phone, subscribe to a cable television service, or place a loved one in a nursing home, corporate America is requiring you to give up your rights. Buried in each of these contracts is often found a forced arbitration clause and a waiver of your right to protect yourself in a class action. But, why?

Class actions filed in courts are often times the only thing that can hold a corporation responsible for its misconduct. When a cellular service provider sneaks an illegal $50.00 charge onto every customer’s bill, it reaps enormous gain. But no one person has the time or resources to challenge an illegal practice for $50.00. Only when a customer can challenge the practice on behalf of all customers can someone afford to challenge the nearly endless resources of a large corporation.

Big companies understand just that, which is why they are requiring us to give up those rights. “Forced arbitration and class action waivers do nothing less than give immunity to big corporations,” explained Williams & Carol Nemeth Joven, member, Joe Williams. “By stripping Americans of their ability to join together and fight back in court, big companies are able to harm folks without ever having to risk being called on it.”

The New York Times is currently running stories about the effects of forced arbitration and class action waivers. As concerned citizens, we owe it to ourselves to understand precisely how we are giving away our rights every day. Read the story at New York Times

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