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How An Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

Have you been involved in an accident that has changed your life and your current quality of life? And the worst part, was it the cause of someone else’s negligence? Then why take the blame?

If you have become a victim in an accident, we stress that you seek medical and legal help right away. Sometimes an accident is just an accident, other times it is life-threatening and completely devastating in every aspect. Injuries bring not only physical complications, but also financial complications as well. That’s why Riley, Williams & Piatt want to stand up for your rights so you can get the compensation that you deserve. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys know how stressful time can be during the accident and following it. So, we want to make it less stressful by taking care of the turmoil ahead of you.

If you or a loved one are going through the aftermath of an accident, call us at 317-672-0948 so we can help prepare you for exactly what you’ll need to put your life back to normal again. One of our highly established personal injury attorneys at Riley, Williams & Piatt can advise you on a contingency basis – which means you won’t pay anything unless we win your case. Just call us at our Indianapolis office for a free initial consultation. Our attorneys don’t want to use a blanket solution for all cases because we know there are innumerous ways of how a personal injury can occur. We want to hear your exact situation and provide a solution that is just for your case.

In order to maximize your compensation, it is of great importance for you to follow the steps listed below. Our personal injury attorneys put together a few tips to follow right after an accident:


  • Obtain medical records: when you go see a medical professional make sure that you list every single pain you feel no matter how minor the pain may be.
  • Document EVERYTHING: we want you to take pictures of every aspect of the accident, even if you think it played no part in the accident. These small minor details matter when strengthening your case.


  • Don’t speak: there is a chance you will blurt out something out of confusion that could be used to go against you in the future, try not to say anything to anyone.
  • Don’t settle: insurance companies will try to low-ball you. Don’t settle with your insurance company until you are fully recovered because you won’t know the total cost of injuries.

Riley, Williams & Piatt wants to be on your side. Why seek another attorney when one of the most distinguished Indianapolis personal injury law firms will provide a free consultation for you? Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight back for your rights – contact us today.