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On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Are you here because a medical mistake or surgical error led to injury? Your next few steps are important, and without strong legal aide, your chances of recovering damages for medical negligence will be almost impossible. That’s why thousands of folks in Indianapolis turn to Riley Williams Law Group, LLC as their medical malpractice lawyer.Anyone can make a mistake – that’s why pencils have erasers, right? That is, unless you’re one of Indiana’s dentists, nurses, therapists, doctors or surgeons. In that case, a mistake can be life-changing or fatal. Riley Williams & Piatt LLC has represented Indianapolis clients in some of the state’s biggest medical malpractice cases. No matter the details of your claim, our goal for every medical negligence claim that hits our inbox is to:

  • Help our clients recover from their injuries
  • Get the highest amount of settlement for their pain and agony

Perhaps you are a family member acting on behalf of a loved one who passed away due to a medical mistake. If so, we’re deeply sorry for your loss. Should you choose Riley Williams & Piatt as your counsel, we will work to clear an estate on your loved one’s behalf.

Why Riley, Williams & Piatt are the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Indianapolis

Riley Williams & Piatt LLC has obtained successful outcomes for folks in a variety of patients’ rights and medical negligence claims. These cases include osteopathy, family practice, cardiology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and hospital care. We can also take on cancer misdiagnosis, birth injury, birth defects, prescription error, hospital and nurse’s care negligence, and more.

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Contact Riley Williams & Piatt for more information on how you or a family member may be eligible to receive compensation through a medical malpractice claim. We offer potential clients a contingency fee arrangement, where clients are only charged if there is a recovery in the malpractice case.