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On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal Injury can refer to numerous situations, and may be the result of either an intentional action or an accident. If someone is injured in some way through no fault (or limited fault) of their own, it is likely they qualify to receive compensatory damages. Damages refers to the actual money that a plaintiff is seeking to recover from a defendant, and is intended to bring the injured party back to where they were before the incident which caused the injury occurred. In the case of catastrophic injuries, this often is impossible to accomplish. These plaintiffs might also often sue for punitive damages, which are intended to punish the defendant for their wrongdoing. Whether the nature of one’s injury is considered catastrophic or not, it’s important to consult with an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer who will know what type of damages you are likely to qualify for.

In Indianapolis many different situations arise which result in another party being injured, and often times the defending party is a business. This is the case with product liability cases, which fall under personal injury. When a company distributes a product and that product causes injury, it is often due to defective manufacturing or insufficient testing on the part of the company. For example, there are often reports of e coli outbreaks which generally are more far-reaching, as the source of this kind of problem typically comes from the food distributor. The distributor must then consider all the places their product is being used – whether in restaurants, grocery stores, processed foods, etc. When a person ingests this tainted food and suffers an injury as a result, they have suffered injury and should consult with a personal injury lawyer. This is also the case with pharmaceuticals and prescription medication, as medications are intended to help, but when manufactured incorrectly or without enough safety measures in place can cause serious injury or even death. Indianapolis has specific laws for cases related to prescription medications and the amount of damages one is eligible for. Personal injury lawyers who practice in Indianapolis and Indiana are familiar with these laws and can help you navigate the most beneficial course of action for you.

If you’ve suffered personal injury it’s important to consult with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer. Riley Williams & Piatt have successfully recovered more than $2 billion for their clients and specialize in large-scale class actions; they also handle catastrophic injury cases. No matter what your situation, contact Riley Williams & Piatt today to discuss the specifics of your personal injury case.