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Product Liability Claim: First Step to Filing

| Jan 11, 2023 | Product Liability

First thing you want to do when you decide to file a product liability claim is to identify and create a list of names and businesses who are the defendants in your claim. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, include as many defendants as you can and list everyone who was involved in the chain of bringing you the product.

This will be extremely difficult and time consuming and that’s why Riley Williams & Piatt offers our clients our commitment and hard work to save them time, energy, and stress. There are many people involved in getting the defective product to your door. You want to dig up every bit of information about any individuals and companies who could be held responsible for the harm that the product has brought.

Go through every individual and business that took part in chain of distribution. You would rather have individuals and businesses that get crossed out during the claim than leave out those who are responsible for the injury.

Try to research the people involved from the conception of the product to the delivery of it.

Here’s a broad key list of main parties involved:

    • Manufacturer: Anyone who is responsible for building the product. Depending on what type of defect your claim involves, various people should also be trailed in. For example, if you are filing a manufacturing defect, then you want to seek out who quality-control engineers.
    • Wholesale/distributor: The people who transport the goods from one chain to another. It’s not super common to have to sue the wholesaler or distributor, but it’s always safe to put them into your name list of defendants.
  • Retailer: Many times retailer is responsible for selling you a defective product. ***Tips when seeking to sue the retailer:
    • You don’t need to be the one who was using the product to file a claim
    • You don’t have to have proof of purchase or be the person who bought it.