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The Importance of Acting Fast After an Accident

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury, there are several steps you will need to take on the road to recovery. You must be proactive and quick to act following the accident in order to maximize your chances of securing fair and adequate compensation. To get started, contact Riley Williams Law Group, LLC so we can walk you through the steps of putting your life back together again. Call our office today for a free consultation: (317) 593-2467.

After an Accident: Do’s and Don’ts

In order to maximize your compensation, it is of great importance for you to follow the steps listed below. Our personal injury attorneys put together a few tips to follow right after an accident:

– Obtain medical records: when you go to see a medical professional, make sure you list every single pain you feel no matter how minor it may be.
– Document everything: we want you to take pictures of every aspect of the accident, even if you think it played no part. These small minor details matter when strengthening your case.

– Speak: there is a chance you will blurt out something out of confusion that could be used against you in the future, so try not to say anything to anyone about the accident.
– Settle: insurance companies will try to low-ball you. Don’t settle with your insurance company until you are fully recovered because you won’t know the total cost of your injuries.

Why You Should See a Doctor Right Away

If you were injured, you will have many things to consider immediately after the accident and in the weeks that follow. For example, it’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible. If you wait any amount of time, be it a day or a week, courts could take your waiting as indication that your injuries may not be serious (and, therefore, not all that deserving of compensation). In addition, the defense could argue that your injury actually occurred during this waiting period.

Even if you are unsure of the severity of your injury, a proper medical assessment can prove to be invaluable evidence during trial. You should follow all advice and recommendations from your doctor in order to maximize your chances of recovering damages. This includes follow-up visits, therapy, medications, or whatever medical discourse is suggested. The bottom line is this: If you hope to recover damages, you must go to a doctor and follow every piece of their advice.

As you seek reimbursement, remember that it’s extremely common to get push-back on these expenses. Insurance companies try to avoid paying more than they need to and will check to make sure all of these medical expenses are valid. This is why you should keep all documentation and receipts. It can often be difficult to pay all of your medical bills, so we recommend seeking the counsel of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, it is strongly recommended that you contact an attorney who understands all aspects of your personal injury case and can anticipate the other party’s arguments. Many accident victims don’t think it’s necessary to contact an attorney, or worry they won’t be able to afford it. Riley Williams & Piatt takes certain cases on contingency, which means that there is no cost to you unless we are able to recover damages for your case. We also offer free consultations.

Time May Be Running Out in Your Case – Act Now!

Indiana state law has strict time limits on a person filing any type of personal injury claim. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced attorney in a timely manner in order to discuss your potential case. The average timeline for a personal injury case is two years, but varies from case to case. Riley, Williams & Piatt wants to be on your side. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight back – contact our firm today at 317-593-2467 to arrange your free initial consultation.