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Work Injury Lawyer Indianapolis – Should I Go Through Workers’ Compensation or Consult an Attorney?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Workplace Injury

Injuries that occur at the workplace are unavoidable and unfortunately all too common. Typically work-related injuries are resolved through Workers’ Compensation Insurance, but in many cases this compensation just isn’t enough. If the injury is severe enough or you are permanently injured, it’s likely in your best interest to contact a work injury lawyer in Indianapolis, IN. A skilled attorney will assess your situation and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of award your situation entitles you to.

Can my work-related injury be handled through Workers’ Comp or do I need a lawyer?

The main factor to take into consideration is whether your injury was the fault of some external force or not. If a fellow coworker or workplace conditions (like faulty equipment) caused your injury, you’ll want to consult a work injury lawyer with knowledge & experience of workplace injuries and related litigation. If your injury was not caused by an external force, or was a result of your own negligence, you’ll likely end up pursuing a Workers’ Comp claim. However, it’s important to distinguish whether or not your injury was the fault of an external force. If you slipped and fell at work, for example, you might think your clumsiness is at fault and you should pursue Workers’ Compensation. However, many slip and fall injuries are actually found to be related to workplace conditions, and in these cases the work injury lawyer will help you prove that it was faulty conditions which caused your fall, not your own lack of balance. Each situation is different, so we recommend contacting an experienced work injury lawyer to see if your claim should be handled through Workers’ Comp or litigation.

Another difference between Workers’ Compensation benefits and the benefits one receives through litigation is that Workers’ Compensation does not pay damages for pain & suffering. Through a personal injury lawsuit in Indianapolis, you are entitled to recover awards for all the damages you have suffered, including lost wages, medical bills, permanent impairment, pain & suffering, and future medical bills. If you do receive Workers’ Compensation benefits, you are also waiving your right to litigation. This means you cannot sue your employer or any coworkers in relation to this injury, and are essentially agreeing that the compensation received through Workers’ Comp insurance was sufficient.

If you’ve been injured on the job, it’s important to review all of your options before signing away your legal rights with a Workers’ Compensation claim. Our work injury lawyers in Indianapolis & Indiana are here to help – contact Riley, Williams & Piatt today for a consultation.